What do i need to bring?


Your Computer
Your Monitor
Power Cords for above equipment
Your Keyboard
Your Mouse
A power outlet strip
An ethernet card ( available for purchase )
A patch cable ( available for purchase )
All of your games


Your Mouse Pad/Surface
Headphones (No external or powered speakers allowed)
All of your driver disks for when your computer has problems
Remember its your job to put your name on all of your things
Money for extra food
Your own snacks/food
A nice leather office chair
Spare equipment for trading
Blank CDR's
Blank Floppies (Someone always needs one)
A camera to take pictures - batteries - and don't forget the cable!
A towel, someone is bound to spill at least once during the intense gaming.

Network Questions:

Can I plug a hub/switch/router/wifi access point into the network?

No, all of the appropriate hardware is in place, you don't have to worry about it. If you do bring a like device you will be asked to remove it.

How do I set up my computer so I can play games on the LAN?

Set your network settings to DHCP by clicking 'Obtain automatically from the Network' in your tcp/ip settings. If this still does not work, contact staff.

What sort of Speed?

Each user will have a 10 Megabit full duplex switched port. Each switch will be uplinked with a main switch, bridging four 10 Megabit ports giving a higher full transmission speed.

My question isn't cover in this FAQ or site what do i do?

Go to the contact page and send us your question or contact staff on hand.