By paying for and entering the premises of the American Legion you agree to all posted rules.

Considering where this LAN will be, everyone should be on his or her best behavior. The Legion was nice enough to let us use their building and we need to respect it. It very well could be that we could do this every year! So lets not mess it up!

· No alcohol and drugs will be allowed into the LAN.
· The bar will be closed to all gamers. Even if you are over 21.
· Theft is illegal, if you are caught trying to steal anything the cops will be called (and your parents).
· Everyone is responsible for his or her own equipment. Make sure everything is well labeled incase something is misplaced.
· If you are caught bringing in a virus, your gaming privileges will be suspended.
· Any fighting or boxing will result in immediate removal.
· Headphones only! No speakers.

Since this LAN will NOT be going all night long, you will be allowed to leave your machines in the locked basement of the Legion. There is no guarantee though on theft. Remember, this is in a basement of a private club, which is locked and has a building alarm. Staff will make sure that everyone is out and that all doors are locked.

BMT2K3 and the administrators therein retain the right to refuse service.
BMT2K3 may change rules without notice.